Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Wishes!

Dear friends and colleagues,

Here’s an original New Year wish from the top of my mind and the bottom of my heart –

I wish you ~

Righteousness above Religion
Wishfulness above Woefulness
Compassion before Creed
Passion before Polarity
Joy before Pleasure
Thoughtfulness before Thanklessness
Duties before Rights
Globalisation emboldened by Localisation
Selflessness before Selfishness
Giving nature before Greed
Happiness before Hatred
Health before Haplessness
Wisdom before Vices
Assimilation before Differentiation
Love of nature before Love for lucre
Hard work before Hardship
Helpfulness before Harping
Caring before Carping
Action before hollow, meaningless Acts
Power before Pompousness
Experience before Aging
Mind before Might
Intelligence before Insinuations
Ingenuity before Insipidity
Zeal before Jealousy
Revelry before Rivalry
People before Politics
Reasoning before Rebellion
Spiritual before Material
Goodness before Greatness
Solemnity above Sadness
Godliness before ritual based Religiosity

I wish and pray that 2009 brings hope & happiness, peace & prosperity, wisdom & positive action for you and yours.


Aruna Dhir