Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crimes you may commit!

 Beat drums
Beat the blues

Kill boredom
Kill anger, squashing its ugly head in one forceful stomp

Swat the fly on the wall
Engage in that very instant of your life with enthusiasm and energy

Slap away listlessness
Slap yourself into being aware and receptive, of the temptations of every waking moment

Murder hatred, in cold blood
Snuff the life out of jealous intent, without any remorse

Cheat yourself into happiness
With sunny visions, thoughts of good times

Rob somebody off sadness
With a smile, a kind gesture, a gift

Steal a thought
Through the window of your mind, into the pleasantness of your past

Steal furtive glances, with a loved one
Across a room full of people, known and unknown
Steal a kiss
On a busy street, in a rushed corridor, in the solitude of your room

Strangle the last breath out of disillusionment
Wake up, rise up, face up; meet life in its corner, on your terms

Slaughter the monster that resides within
There is too much goodness in you not to get
the better of all demons inside and out

Get intoxicated on the opiate of pure, unadulterated, unconditional love
Let passion be your poison, perseverance your innate power

Hate laziness, indifference, depravity of mind, the low depths of human greed,
the high price of hubris; hate them all
Resent bitterness and rancour, mash out malice and barbarity from your very being

Shoot a mental picture of contentment, bliss and genuine kindness
Tuck it away in the indelible albums of your mind

Shoot yourself in the foot for a stupid step you take
A silly decision you make

Gamble away the sources of your sorrow
Trade in the stuff that brings you joy, real joy that can only reside in the bottom of your heart

Conspire with the Universe to make it an ideal world; or at the very least a happy, peaceful one
For boy and beast, nymph and nature, man and woman alike!


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