Monday, May 02, 2011

My Passion for Poetry - "LOVE NEVER CHANGES"

"LOVE NEVER CHANGES" - My second poetry anthology published by ARCHIES G & G Ltd. in February 1999


FRIENDSHIP IS FOREVER - One of my Poetry Anthologies published by Archies G & G Ltd. in February 1999

Sunday, May 01, 2011


First penned on 11th April 1995

Like a whiff of fresh air
you came into my life
And vanished with a sudden sweep of the breeze;

Like the soft shining dew
on the face of a petal
You rested on the surface of my palm,

But one ray of sunlight
And you just washed away;

Like an early morning dream
You blinked on the lashes of my eye
But disappeared into oblivion
With the first woken moment;
You were there yesterday
Next to me in flesh and blood
Today you are lost
Wrapped beneath the sands of time;

You hummed in my heart
Like a tune echoing in the woods
But amidst worldly din
You turned into silence of the dead;

Like a lone, exquisite icicle
You hung from the isolated
corner of my mind
But onslaught of maddening thoughts
And you melted away;

Like an illusion harbouring on the subconscious
You played with my life
But  a return to reality
And you were nowhere in sight.

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