Thursday, January 18, 2018

Working with a View!

In my last Corporate role, for about the first two years, I had the best office. Even better than the General Manager's, with views out to the garden and lush greenery, with natural light from the Sun, with a large, airy space that could accommodate at least 15 more people. 

And then we began to expand. My delightful office was compromised for the much needed new Point of Sale. I, with my team, was moved to the new, shiny digs in the Basement and in place was created the Patisserie. All ok, all needed, all unavoidable.

Still, in these steep Real Estate times, please avoid shifting staff to basements. It kills creativity and zest and brings in low immunity with all that unnatural lighting, no windows, no-fresh-air harshness of reality.

Give your people a view of nature, Sunlight streaking in, gardens to look out into, at times birds to watch, as much as you can.

So, when I became my own Boss, I gifted myself some of these views from my Home Office.

What say!

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Conflicts are good!

Monday, January 01, 2018

My New Year wish for you!

May you age like fine wine
Having borrowed the
Radiance of Sun rays, and
The wondrous Moonshine;

May you be as exotic as truffles
Snuffed out by pigs and dogs
May your heart hold love for all
Animals - bees, bulls or frogs;

May you be timeless like honey
May you leave indelible footprints
On your exceptional journey;

May you be as special as
A cask of hundred-year-old Malt
May you have learned valuable lessons
From every folly and each little fault;

May you shine like the diamond
Polished from the dark, deep
Roughness of a coal
May you set your sights high
And never lose the
Grip on your goal;

May you be unique
Like that single pearl in a shell
May you bring smile
And the solace of compassion
Where every tear fell;

May you hold the value
And splendour of gold
May you bring hope and cheer
To everyone in your fold;

May you give the fragrance
Of a million flowers
May your presence be as
Scintillating, as the meteor showers;

May your days be as exquisite
As the painting on feathers of a bird
May your heart be so deep
In it, of love, be there no dearth;

May your emotions be pristine
And like dew drops as pure
May you face challenges
And with fortitude
Every obstacle endure;

May you mature
Like the finest cheese
May you be sharp like razor
Yet gentle like the autumn breeze;

May your desires stay alive
Like the embers of burning fire
May you, of helping others
Never fail, and never tire!