Wednesday, June 03, 2009

एक याद धुंधली सी!

10th दिसम्बर 1993 को लिखी और आज ब्लॉग पर पुब्लिश की.

ख़ुशी में बीतें कुछ पल
कभी आसुओं में छिपती हंसी
उदासी को अपने पंख पे ले उड़ती
भीनी-भीनी सी एक मुस्कान
आँखों में सजाती अपना बसेरा
एक याद धुंधली सी

जीवन के पथ पर साथ चलते चलते
दामन छुधाता एक अजनबी सा होता हाथ
गूंजती जैसे दूर से
एक पहचानी सी आवाज़
बीते हुईं कल की चादर ओढे हुईं
एक याद धुंधली सी

आशा की किरण संजोये षण
उम्मीद पे टिका वजूद
वक़्त की लपटों में
खोयी उम्र की दास्तान
आगे बढ़ते कुछ थके से कदम
दिल पर आती एक दस्तक
पीछे यूँही अचानक मुड़कर देखना
पर नज़र आती
एक याद धुंधली सी.

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Speak so that you are not just heard
but understood

See so that you don’t simply look
but observe

Hear so that you do not just listen
but comprehend

Touch so that you don’t just hit the surface
but feel

Taste so that you simply do not eat
but savour

Smell so that you do not just notice the scent
but allow the fragrance to engulf you

Feel so that you are not just aware
but are driven by empathy, by compassion

Criticize, not to spite
but to change for the better

Pick up a pursuit, not to fill the emptiness of time
but to raise it to a level of passion

Work not just to earn a livelihood
but to carve a niche, an identity of your own

Do, not just so to lead a life
but because you want to shape your destiny

Walk not just to cover the distance
but to leave footprints on your chosen path

Talk not just to add noise to the existing cacophony
but to leave an imprint of your words of wisdom

Leave an impression, not of power but value
Of not just awe but admiration

Sympathise not because it is good to do so
But because it is what you really want to do

Fall for very little
but stand up for a lot more

Act not because you want to be noticed
but because those actions define you

Uphold an ideal not because it holds a universal value
but because it forms part of your belief

Amass not just for the self alone
but to share your life with many

Live, not in an isolated, individualistic microcosm
But to bring in your unique meaning to the Universe.

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