Friday, December 18, 2009


By L. Aruna Dhir
First Penned on 28th July 2002 and published today on the blog.

Hope is
a single drop of rain that falls on a
piece of parched earth;

Hope is the slight heave of an ailing chest
that comes as a sign of life;

Hope is a little kick in the side of an
expecting bride,
that tells her she is now a creator
like the one above;

Hope is the curve of a smile that
breaks on the canvas of an angry face;

Hope is the glint in the eye that
creases out the stress from a frowning brow;

Hope is a morsel in the mouth that
quells the harshness of hunger;

Hope is a hint of sun peeping out of dark clouds promising that
the rainbow is just around the corner;

Hope is a child folding hands for his evening prayer showing that
faith thrives in a believing heart;

Hope is a human touch that crosses
the barrier of caste, colour, race and religion,
affirming that caring for the other
and peace in mind is the ultimate power.

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