Thursday, November 23, 2006


Youngest of the children. Pampered. Shielded and protected from the outside world. Married off early so that her new home could now take care of her. Innocent, harmless, docile with a soft heart and a kind wish and thought for everone. Never did she ever harm even a fly.

A twist in the tale. A turn of events. her new home becomes a living hell for her. The husband is cruel and uncaring. The children even more so. After years of inhuman behaviour, callous acts, beating and abuse she is thrown out of her 'own' house onto the street, even the blade of grass clung to for survival snatched away from her. Thrown into the big bad world to beg for alms or to perish with the overwhelming and unbearable onslaught.

Is life fair? What did she do or not do to deserve this. If one good turn deserves another and vice versa, what might explain her plight and what led to it. Is it how you sow, shall you reap OR the Karma or the past life. What has she paid for?

Many questions but no definitive answer. Only HE knows.

And then there is this old man who lived a more than honest life. Accused of a crime he did not commit. His image tarnished beyond repair. No explanations are enough as they are but explanations. All his money has gone into fighting court cases - a losing battle. He still has some hope as he constantly slides into a state of penury. The end is totally predictable and gloomy.

Fate strikes again.

There are many stories. Many questions. But no answer. Life goes on............

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