Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Significance and Importance of My Marriage to Me :-)

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Companionship, the undying enthusiasm to enjoy each other's company not just after 14 years of being together but for life and the challenging idea to create our joint footprints on our chosen patch of sand.

My husband remains my soulmate and best friend even after our marriage. The rose tinted glasses we wore during our courtship period are still intact with us. The only difference is that they have been appropriately enhanced with the tints of realism.

The significance for both of us is togetherness stemming out of trust, understanding, love, mutual respect, common interest, desires and ambitions. Also a deep understanding about what makes each other happy, content, satisfied, animated and rejuvenated.

It really comes from the thrust that we are two distinct individuals who respect each other's individuality and difference in personas but have worked out a highly compatible synergy.


Aruna said...

Hello Aruna!

I am your namesake :) Surely there may be many, I am just one of them. It was nice reading your post on marriage. I share, more or less, the same beliefs and outlook about marriage as you. I am yet to marry :D

My! 14 years - together through this precious life- is something amazing...Congratulations!!:) May you have many more to come.

God bless.

Aruna Dhir said...

Thank you Aruna, for both of your comments. Very kind of you. Also thank you for visiting my blog.

My best!