Thursday, May 28, 2009

Count The Blessings!

Penned on 26th June 2003
Published on the Blog on 28th May 2009

I mourned the death of an unborn baby,
But failed to rejoice the survival of
an ailing woman who had almost been a mother;

I wailed at a thorn pricking my flesh,
But ignored the scent of jasmine that
stayed on my hands for lingering moments;

I was angered by the war of words with my soul mate,
And glazed over the unspoken language of love;

I lamented the loss of one opportunity,
And shut my eye to other doors that fell open;

I rued my weakness in wit,
And refused to recognize the strength of spirit;

I craved for what might have been,
And overlooked to thank the Almighty for what was;

I crouched in fear with irrational nightmares,
And blinded myself to dreams that would set me free;

I sought and demanded, wished and desired,
Rusting my tools that I could create with;

I pined for that exciting turn in life,
While killing time with disinterest and ennui;

I aspired to be exalted,
Without realizing that I was missing the human in me;

I dreamt of reaching out and touching the sky,
While losing the ground beneath my feet;

I cried shamelessly for my despondency,
And forgot to smile and count my blessings.

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