Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Take me!

The last year and a half
has been tough,
Peace of mind
has been shredded
The road trod upon
has been rough;

The heart has been torn
into a million pieces,
The forehead has wrinkled
with worry and woefulness
into a hundred creases;

Back about eighteen months
and a few laboured heartbeats,
I lost the biggest part of me
despite all care
and myriad medical feats;

The precious fur daughter
went away in a whisper,
Leaving me a
painfully long lifetime
to pine for her, to miss her;

Since then I trundle along
through the passage of life,
The world’s hurting becomes mine
It rips through my heart
with the sharpest of knife;

I cry a monsoon
for a stranger’s loss,
Every hurt, every tragedy, every pain
felt by someone, anyone
to bleed my weakened heart
is enough of a cause;

In this time gone by
each time a beloved
bid adieu,
I cried hoarsely, wait
it should have been me
Not you;

 A young friend
lost her partner
well before his time,
I argued with God
told Him blankly
He’d committed a sin
He’d done a crime;

Each time a young one dies
or somebody
kicks off midway,
I tell Him to take me instead
I kneel, I bow my head, I pray;

A neighbor to whom
one hardly spoke,
Took away his own life
as his grip slipped
on all his faith and hope;

I looked at
who all he had left behind,
I again lashed at God
asking about the error in His calling
when taking me
would have been more kind;

Every time I read obits
and hear of a passing on,
I urge Him
to get me to His side
before a new soul is born;

Take me, I tell Him
bring me to Your fold,
Give me peace, bring me respite
allow me the time
when my loved ones lost
I once again behold.


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