Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Have you lived my life?

Have you had sorrow
strike across your face,
Leaving an indelible mark
a burden so difficult to brace;

Have you breathed in the same air
the same cubic-centimeter
that I inhale,
The poison of self-pity
the toxin of self-doubt
that turn me pale;

Have you stepped into
the darkest room in your heart,
Where reside death and despair
anger and anguish
where hope and happiness
their ways part;

Have you ever been
trapped inside your mind,
With a maze of paths forgotten
and no road ahead to find;

Have you stared blankly
into a faraway horizon,
And been held back 
by gripping fear
shackled by a sense 
of self-derision;

Have you peered into
the eyes of grief,
Where deep longing rides
on the shoulder of loss
and tears bring no reprieve;

Have you walked on
the same piece of land,
Stumbling on desire, falling into 
an abyss of hopelessness
with not even Almighty 
to lend a hand;

Have you been in a crowd
and felt lonely and desolate,
With abjection, aimlessness
indifference and ennui
sealing your pitiable fate;

Have you wished to let go
but been forced to trudge on,
With days filled with emptiness
leading a life 
wretched and forlorn.

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