Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Which is that item that has very high `COLLECTIBLE VALUE'

Picture courtesy - www.deviantart.com


A plethora of them get tucked away in every corner of your brain.

Depending on how you use them they end up becoming either stumbling stones or building blocks!

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rob ketron said...

As we lay side by side talking deep into the night, we recalled your stay with us as a Rotary GSE team member six years ago..... is it not ironic that this morning your blog posting appeared?

We hope you are well and thriving, and please do keep us up on your fascinating life journey.
We are hoping to be able to come together to India and Nepal this coming spring.... I miss India so very much and almost fear the changes I will find, but Ann Marie has never been to your beautiful country, so this is long overdue. My better email is rob.ketron@gmail.com