Sunday, September 14, 2008


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By – L. Aruna Dhir
Penned on 7th September 2008

My Father lived and died a man,
while I whimper and whine in vain;

My father stood up to challenges
and squared up his shoulders in courage,
While I beat up the dark and the negative
and flare up in rage;

My Father lived a life of responsibility
with arms spread like a giant umbrella,
While I cringe and corners cut
a shame ’am not a patch on the good gone fella;

My Mother spent her life alone
but never was she lonely,
I set out to live amongst a crowd
but remain isolated amidst many;

My Mother took on burdens with glee
and thrived on a sense of duty, merrily,
I trudge along and crush under the weight of goodness
wearing righteousness like a bloody harness;

My Mother abstained from little indulges
and lived a life of divinity,
I crave heights of love and attention
and hark untiringly about faith and conviction;

My Mother preached ’bout the virtues of frugality
while giving thought and lucre to the needy,
I subdue myself to the everyday pleasures
and rein in my mind as with temptations it staggers;

My Mother shunned religion
while giving into spirituality,
I chant mantras a couple of hundred times
and become subservient to idolatry;

My Father and Mother were two of a kind
they lived a life exemplary,
I enslave myself to the emotions of this world
while aspiring to live in the pages of history;

My Father and Mother, now angels in heaven
send blessings and watch over me,
While I live in conflict with the worldly beings
and count the trees as the forest I forget to see.



dev said...

"...I chant mantras a couple of hundred times and become subservient to idolatry..."

Well said, Aruna: the neurosis grips all of planet Earth.

~RockStar~ said...

Well wrote Aruna. I couldn't agree less to what you've mentioned.

Prabhjot Bedi said...

my father lived a life of servitude,
yet did what he thought best.
I am my own boss, yet struggle do to the best.....

my mother knew nothing else,
except children, home & hearth.
I know of almost all, except children, home & hearth.....

Touched a chord!