Monday, July 28, 2008

What would you prefer in an employee, if you had to choose only one? Why?

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Here's my pick -
It is definitely, Passion, Zeal, Enthusiasm, fire in the belly........and any other name that you may call it by.

Passion for ones work ensures that the tiller paves smoothly all the paths that lead to his work or Goal. Be it, then, the path of wisdom or desire or honesty or punctuality or efficiency or being not just able to lead but always blend well with the team.

And because one has the passion, it certainly means that one has made sure that the essential requisites that arm him well for the road ahead - such as education or experience - are well honed.

Likewise, while passion can make people feel flighty, it still is going to ensure that for the success to be achieved again and again, shades of wisdom are roundly and squarely employed.

Finally, if it weren't for passion, then serendipity, creative genius, excellence, going beyond the brief and the marvel in the mundane would well be lost.

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Sudhanshu Pant said...

I so agree with you. As someone who has been in recruiting for close to twenty years now, the key to the right hire is "Hiring for attitude". I believe that the successful candidate bring in a passion to excel and the needed armory of behaviors and attitudes to do so.
The problem/challenge is to know what attitudes/behaviors predict success in your organization and be able to distinguish real passion from the faked variety.