Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Have you decided how would you live your life in... 2008 or any other year?

Picture courtesy - www.deviantart.com

This is what I have decided......

*Be more alive in every moment.
*Be a better daughter, wife, mother and whatever role life gives me.
*Be a better writer and reader.
*Be a better being.
*Be back in action on the corporate ladder.
*Be more fun, kind, passionate and compassionate.
*Be more grateful for all that I have.
*Be and let others BE.


onesnap said...

I love what you have written. I agree with all of them. :)

Aruna said...

Be and thou shalt be, huh? :)Same sentiments reverberating here :))

Lovely thoughts. Even lovelier feeling when we make an effort towards actually imbibing these in our lives and the thoughts just come alive! :)