Saturday, August 08, 2015


Death came to visit us after several years
It trampled upon our healed souls,
It trod upon the bed of long dried tears;

Death knocked gently on our door
It came in disguise,
It shattered our happiness into smithereens
It cut us down to size;

Death came piggy-backed
On a seasonal flu,
It caught us unawares
It hit us without a clue;

Death soft-footed into our home
As a short term visitor,
It played with our little angel
A friend it found in her;

Death made a sharp, swift exit
It bid us a hurried goodbye,
It snuffed out the life from a dear one
And left us with a lifetime to cry;

The little time death stayed with us
It messed up with our mind,
It looted the treasures of joyful living
Making peace so difficult to find;

Death robbed us of our dancing shoes
It took away our singing voice,
Heartache, misery, pity, dejection
Left each of these as our only choice;

Death see-sawed in our heart
Swinging between hope and fear,
It plucked away what we loved the most
When a minute back they breathed so near;

Death put up with us
Like a difficult guest,
It brought gifts of dread and distress
And left them pounding in our chest;

Death punished us for believing
From our loved ones we’d never part,
In the game of faith and despair
It dealt us the gloomiest card;

Death snatched away what belonged to us
Carrying it to a land beyond,
It saddened the place in our heart
That was filled with feelings so fond;

In spite of being unwelcome
Death behaved well with us,
It went away with composure and grace
It left without much of a fuss;

Now, the million pieces of our bereft life
We faintly attempt to pick,
Death should you choose to visit us again
Take us away with you this time
And do be quick.

L. Aruna Dhir
27th June 2015

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