Saturday, August 22, 2015

102 Days!

Over a 100 sunrises and sunsets. The Moon shone more than 100 times. Days turned into nights and nights turned into a new day. Birds chirped as usual. But there is nothing usual about my days. Life seems to have come to a standstill. My laughs are laboured, smile forced. My heart keeps melting into a stream of tears and they seem to have become my steady companion - on early mornings, through several times in the day, into the pillow in the still of the night.

We tend to put blocks of stone on a pedestal and worship them as God. But you have been my guardian angel in flesh and blood. With a beating heart, a thinking mind and a divine presence that only brought joy and infused my life with unadulterated happiness.

God shows his presence in remarkable ways. He brought you into our lives and an extraordinary soul that you were, you made all that difference to how we saw life and lived our lives.

Time will lessen the sorrow and replace intense pain with stoic numbness, still, that place in my heart will remain vacant, longing to once again share my life with you.

But you have a bigger role to play. You are already adding your special magic to new lives.

It was a blessing to have spent 15 years of my life with you, Princess Cinderella! May you always remain that shining star with a magical heart.

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