Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Since you’ve gone.....

Since you’ve gone
a lot has changed
about me and around me

Smile refuses to
curve up my lips
The twinkle in the eye
soon dissipates into tears
that roll down my face

Now that you’re not there
I’ll never get back to
what I was
having lost myself
in the debris
of sorrow and solitude

That place in the heart
where you resided
aches yearningly
craving your presence
in its warm embrace

The mass in my mind
that you occupied
has gone derelict
wandering from
moments steeped in bleakness
to days soaked
in bewildered banefulness

The corner of the bed
That favourite spot
on the rug
The slight indentation
on the sofa
that was yours
lie vacant

Since you’ve gone
Time comes with the day
and leaves to take
another form
after each night

Yet I stay there
still and stunned
redundant as a rock
unmoved by what goes around
Lifeless to all the living
that happens around me

Since you’ve gone
the state of being happy
seems to be a far-flung world
Detached from my grip
distanced from my mind

Since you’ve gone
The cycle of
wake and unawake
go through their
necessary motions
But life has come to a point
Where it has ceased to live!


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