Tuesday, December 08, 2015


brash and brazen
rough-footed into my life
stealing away happiness from my heart
glint and twinkle of hope from my eye
assurance of a smile from my lips;

cruel and callous
tore me up into fragments
scattering pieces in the depths
of grief and solitude
of hopelessness and despair;

crafty and selfish
avariciously took over a large part of my mind
and a larger part of my heart
sending everything sane and sensible
to a place beyond reach and reason;

violent and vicious
crushed my spirit
trounced upon the feelings
destroyed the will and its wants,
killing the dreams and desires;

hateful and heinous
kidnapped what I was
and returned me to my base
a changed person
without a mission or a meaning
left floating purposeless;

omnipotent and omnipresent
sat on the horizon
of my consciousness
and the sub-conscious
plotting to take over my thoughts
and my emotions
rendering me lifeless,
deprived of the awareness of my soul!


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