Monday, October 26, 2015

If you were to come by.........

My dear one,
should you drop in perchance
You’ll find it difficult
to recognize me

I hide behind a thicket
of anger and sorrow

The lines of laughter
have creased deeper into
folds of forlornness
and grief

The sheath of love I smugly
brought over you and me
as we cuddled
is now tattered
by the deep gashes
of despair

My sense of serenity
and arrogant calm
is shattered
by wretched thoughts
of solitude
and disenchantment

The roots of wisdom
stand shaken
The wings
of free spiritedness
are broken
The seat of happiness
has been swept away
by a river of
 treacherous tears

My dear one,
should you stop by
for a moment,
a minute or a day
As you move on
into your next role,
your new life
You’ll fail to see me
the way you knew me

The bitterness quells
soft parts
of my heart

The pain
has numbed out
my mind

You’ll catch me staring
into the emptiness
that lies ahead
Peering into
the bleakness
of my life

I trudge along
with heavy steps
and a heavier heart
As day
hides into the night
and the night
gives in to
a triumphant day

With no hope
to spread
on my plate

No sunshine
to steal
a glimmer
for my eye

No wind to ride on
No dreams to get by

I remain closeted
in the darkest corner
of my mind
within the
claustrophobic confines
of the suffocating
four walls

With a yearning
to hear a knock
or the sound
of your steps

With a longing
to see you
just one more time

With a pining
to hold you
for eternity
and to
never let you
go away
this time.

October 26th 2015


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