Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Life and Death

Life vacillates
between waves of hope
Bouncing up to catch fresh air
with a ride on every crest

Death closes shut
that open window forever
Choking itself in an airless room
of despair, desperation and certain doom

Life shakes in fear
or trembles with delight
It quivers with anticipation

Death is still. Period.

Life shows its moods
Throws tantrums,
exults and gets excited

Death is calm,
given to perpetual quietude

Life holds promise
Of waking up
to a new day tomorrow
Of spending a lifetime
creating moments
that befittingly become memories

Death kills
It blows out
the wishing candles
on a birthday cake
It snuffs out the
burning lamp
on the mantle of desire

Life travels,
It goes on journeys
of experience and adventure

Death brings in
the end of the road
The last destination,
the final frontier

Life is whimsical
Life sways between
A good day and bad
between this and that

Death is determined
Death is resolute
No ifs and buts
no looking back or forward

Life trudges on, with
its loads,
Its burden’s share

Death has no problems
No tensions,
no care

Life travels on trains
Bus or plane
Bearing the cross
Like a curse or bane

Death cruises to
Its place of rest
With drama,
with fanfare.

(Tuesday, October 13, 2015, 3:11:18 AM)  

 Note - Picture courtesy - Google Images


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