Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Poser!

This happened the other day, on a late afternoon. It was the 12th day of hot, searing May when we experienced the first Summer Rain in Doon.

I was in the back Verandah craning to capture the beauty of Lucky Manzil in the pouring rain and its aftermath when all the flora and fauna and the giant trees glistened with raindrops and shone a sparkling green with their faces freshly scrubbed.

There was a symphony being played by a combination of bird sounds - crows, the lone Hawk, doves, mynahs, koels, sunbirds and others were all playing their gig for the divine conductor.

My eye caught a Spotted Owl sitting atop the Mango tree in the centre of our orchard-like Backyard. As I got busy shooting him, I heard an incessant hooting sound coming from a few inches below. And it seemed to be calling out to me. I looked closely to find another owl - of the pair - perched on a lower branch and seeking my attention. It saw me clicking it and began to preen and sit pretty. The more I clicked the excited bird's pictures the more it posed for me - first looking at its left, then gliding its neck to the right.

And the charade went on for sometime. You may not believe my word. So here's the proof through the sublime pictures!

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