Wednesday, August 09, 2017

In India - We are like this only!

The picture above of a beautiful part of Copenhagen is taken by my Facebook Friend JD Andrews.

By all counts, it is a breathtakingly lovely shot. And the subject has been done full justice to.

We all will be cooing and cawing at the shot, marvelling at the beauty of the location, its cleanliness and overall aesthetics.

Back home in India, we will continue to do all the following and then blame the Government for not picking after us and for letting India be a dirty country -

1. We will continue to pollute Ganga and all our other rivers.

2. We will not ever assume responsibility in keeping even areas around our houses clean.

3. We will spit and piss on trees and walls.

4. We will roll down the windows of our sedans and throw empty bottles and packets, straight on to the road.

5. We will not pick up our own garbage and will allow the common garbage areas to swell and breed by adding our filth to it.

6. If we are getting the renovation work done to our houses, we will have nothing planned out to make sure the debris is instantly taken away and that we cause as little nuisance to others as possible.

7. We will choke the common drains with our misdoings and then curse the Government because it failed to clean our mess before, during, after monsoons.

8. We will be virtual tree huggers but care fuck-all for the environment when our own convenience is at stake.

9. We will just look within our four walls and never plan to beautify and upkeep the surrounding areas.

10. And if somebody else puts up pretty plants and flowers, we will either rain on their parade or pluck their flowers at will.

11. We will go abroad on vacations, take pretty pictures, curse our own country, say that our Government sucks and our places stink and then come back and add to all the muck around.

So typical of us! We are a strange lot!

Picture courtesy - Google Images and JD Andrews

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