Thursday, August 10, 2017

The rot, indeed, begins at home!

Why do villainous men behave so repugnantly with women and without any compunction?

Because they have been conditioned at home in such a way. 

They see their fathers behave similarly. They see the menfolk being extremely patriarchal and riding roughshod over the females in their clan.

Worst of all and extremely disturbingly, the mothers have a big role to play in rearing such monsters; not just letting them get away with it all but in most cases encouraging such behaviour as a mark of manhood.

A Facebook friend (with the background of incessant crime against women in India - from minor to colossally bad) says that women should be taught to cuss in local bad words and to retort when hit like this.

I fully concur with her opinion.

Abusing (both in the local language and the one you are comfortable in) lets out the frustration, it helps level up eyeball to eyeball with the offender telling him off and his bullying ways and in a contorted sort of way, it brings in a sense of liberation.

Perhaps, payback in the same coin is what is required for such men.

Once on a bus in Doon, coming back home from College, I had a dirty old man in a dirty kurta-pajama mess around with me as he stood behind me for some part of the journey. 

We were packed like sardines in the bus so one could not easily extricate oneself from the situation. 

So, the more the old man tried to press against me, the more I paid him back in his coin - I shoved my bag sharply into his crotch, I elbowed him back in a strong thrust time and again (and once to my utter satisfaction I heard him wail) and stepped on his toes heavily with my shoes.

This way I had ensured retribution and felt far less ravaged.

Only if Indian men learn to show respect to women!

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