Thursday, March 23, 2017

The rise and reign of the Gargoyles!

A friend shared her most recent, unpleasant experience with this increasing tribe of people who are too disrespectful towards everything and everyone around and have no sense of decorum or principles to guide their behaviour by.

The friend talked about an ill-mannered urban parent who allowed her one-year-old to create havoc in a bookshop, topple books to the ground and stomp on them to the utter shock of the Shop owner and other buyers, also with kids. When my friend expressed her displeasure, the erring mother - all made up physically but with nothing polite or proper about her - picked up a fight and used colourful language to express her misplaced anger.

I met similar kind of trash with fake accents, blonde hints, red nails, too much use of perfume - all give away signs of people who are trying too hard - at Shoppers' Stop a couple of years back. Both Husband and Wife had pushed past me, rubbing against me rudely to reach across to the Attendant. When pointed out, a verbal battle ensued with both of them trying to get improper and vicious with me. I think at that juncture Le Husband must have stepped in to say some wise words at which point the nasty couple moved elsewhere, after grunting loudly and uttering some more bad words.

We all continue to bump into such uncivil, uncaring, unpolished, uncivilized people at Malls - who will push and jostle and brush past us to the teller mindless of the queue; at Cinema halls - who will get into mobile conversations and disturb others by the noise they create or continue to surf on the handsets disturbing the film watching experience of others with the irritating blue flash from their phones; at religious places - who will either do their business in a loud and disturbing manner or discuss their personal matter while others are trying to seek spiritual silence; in hospitals - with no care or thought towards the ill; in public transports - with utter disregard for the old or the ailing and so on and so forth.

These people depict too much ego, too much impropriety, too much disregard for everything and everyone and too little values.

Our society abounds with such utter garbage. What a sad state. And it is always people in the right who get shaken with the sour episode.

But the scariest thing is that they are passing these personal traits and bent of mind to the next generation, letting the rot deepen in our society. And they are omnipresent - in our schools as teachers, at home as ill-mannered, undisciplined parents, in society as unruly neighbours.

What do you think can be done to rectify this decay?

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