Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pushkin and his pompousness!

Let this be said that Pasha Baba - our Labarador Son with Pushkin as his "good name" - is far more propah than I could aspire to be. And he has higher levels of OCD than I do.

With his age having advanced and mobility of his limbs reducing, we have begun using diapers on him. And our goldie boy has got so used to them that it is not funny anymore.

Our dear, dear Man Friday - bhaiya to Pasha Baba - tries to get by with using lesser number of pampers in a day. The operative word here is "tries to" but with very little success.

Even the Chemist has been a bit taken aback. He first quizzed us as to why did we need so many packets, telling us that in the case of human kids the contraptions are not changed so frequently. And then tried to give us cheaper options, the Good Soul that he is!

But who will bell this Pushkin Cat of ours?

Each time our Man Friday tries to stretch the use of one pamper - telling us that it has not been optimally used yet and just has only a few drops in it - our Son literally kicks up a storm - first flailing his limbs maniacally and then letting out a cry, so sharp and piercing that even the hardest of hearts would melt.

But Pasha Baba knows that we are weaklings with soft hearts and he always gets his way.

He thinks that his Dad is a bloody Ambani or a Rockefeller - I guess in Pasha Baba's eyes he is.

So what's a few extra packs of Pampers, anyway!!!

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