Friday, July 28, 2017

Good Pizza Pie anyone?

Is it so difficult, in India, to get a good pizza pie delivered to one's home?

What if one does not want to go to Trident Gurgaon or the now 'expired' 360 degrees at The Oberoi or Mist at The Park each time one craves a delish Pizza!!!

Because of the sludge they dish out, I have jointly banned Domino's Pizza and Pizza Hut to be ordered at home.

Even the packaged one, my Husband's cousin bought for me in Frisco, from Sears I think, was far better than what most of our restaurants sell.

There was that one bright spark - Insta Pizza - but they don't deliver everywhere and not at all in South-west Delhi where I reside.

And no, the newbie The Oven Story is not that great.

Why should the customer be left wanting for better choices?

Picture courtesy - Google Images

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