Friday, July 14, 2017

The "HELP" at hand!

No Indian home can function without a retinue of domestic staff. A lot of us would not be able to go out and have our careers if it was not for this backbone at our beck and call.

In order to keep the home machinery well-oiled and functioning well, we must take care of our staff with affection and sincerity.

Among the other things you may be doing for your staff, a few more to bear in mind, eh!!

1. Pay them every month preferably on the 1st of the new month - they too have bills to pay and fees to deposit etc.

2. Frequently ask after them and their well-being. You should know what's going on in their lives and be able to extend help where needed.

3. Yes, offer them tea and snacks and food often.

4. Include them in celebrations and give them gifts on their special days, include their children too where possible.

5. Show respect and relative trust to them, but do not trust blindly.

6. Teach them new things, including hygiene etc. without being condescending.

7. Stand up for their rights should they face an issue with another employer.

8. See if you can, at times, get their annual tests done or get them discounts with your doctor.

9. Advise them on making sensible financial investments.

10. Make rules around the house, adhere to them yourself and ensure abiding by, with others too.

11. If they are into stealing - small or big does not matter - lose them is a very bad feeling not to be able to trust your staff.

Your inputs?

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