Thursday, July 13, 2017

What’s happening to the world we are making it out to be?

So much impatience, dispassion, apathy, anger and intolerance! Every day, we are protesting against people who are not like us, beliefs that we do not conform to, things that we do not respect anymore.

We are becoming anti-Muslims, anti-Christians, anti-Hindus. Does that mean we are heading towards becoming anti-humanity? Dreadful thought that!!

Then there are the saffrons and the greens and the whites and the reds and God alone knows what else in our biases and leanings, illogical, weak-based leanings.

Every day, a new pseudo crusading group springs up – cow vigilantes, the anti-Valentine Moral Brigade, the nuts who tell us animal sacrifices will be made or are young girls will not be sent to school or underage children will be married off because that’s how it has always been, that’s what their ancestors did and that is what they believe is the right path.

What perturbs me, disturbs me highly and completely confounds me is that with so much knowledge and information floating around, with excessive narrowing of boundaries, with increasing exposure to the world outside; why are we becoming more negatively drawn and retrograde instead of being progressive, compassionate, accepting and open-minded?

Any answers?

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