Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Love Thy Country!

Many of us like using international brands. We end up liking some brands more than the others. For me, it is Louis Vuitton.

In my first year at The Imperial, I bought myself a big LV Handbag. Actually one of my French colleagues - Lionel - bought it for me in France while I paid him in Delhi. The result was I paid much less for the bag than it was being sold for in the LV boutique then housed in The Oberoi, New Delhi.

But this post is not about brands. It is about pride in one's country. Over the years I have noticed how proud French and Italians and Thai and Swiss and several others are of what their country stands for and what all it offers. We Indians lack in that area hugely.

The first day I carried my LV Bag to the office, my French Boss had this to say, "Good you bought that. You made our economy richer." Climbing down the stairs to my basement office, I quietly reprimanded myself; for I had seldom thought on those lines for my country and its economy.

After all these years, my Indian Facebook Friend - Vikrant Nath - exhibited a similar shade of emotion, this time for India.

We were talking about the recently held IIFA awards (held in NYC this year) and he asked, "Have you ever heard of any other awards night being held in another country?"

And it set me thinking. He is right. They could have chosen a novel Indian destination - giving it great exposure and giving a fillip to its economy.

Why don't we think like this?

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