Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers out there!

Fathers are meant to be those rocks who we can lean on with all our troubles.

Fathers are our spot of Sky who we can look up to for all our personal philosophies.

Fathers are the solid ground, the foundation which our identity stems from.

Fathers are like the big ocean into whom we can drown all our sorrows and who in turn will always promise that tomorrow will be a better day, regardless.

Fathers are our first dance partners, our first playmates, our first story-tellers, our first teachers - for all that school stuff and for the lessons from and for life.

Fathers are the buffers who come between us and the strict, disciplining Tiger Mom telling us that "Mom is right" and telling Ma "to cut us some slack."

Fathers teach us all the games - Football, Badminton, Carrom, Chinese Checkers, Dumb charades, Tennis and more.

Fathers buy us our first costumes, order the bespoke velvety wine-coloured one-piece that we had set our hearts on and take us for our first swimming lessons.

Fathers take us to their offices, on those 'Daughters Day outs,' and lending their stationery and their coloured pencils allow us to spend a delightful day drawing our funny looking creatures.

Fathers take us out to our favourite places, buy bagfuls of our favourite eclairs and chocolate gold coins and jujubes and cold drinks, even when they are on the last dollar at the end of the month.

Fathers take us for walks and holding our tiny hands in their giant palms teach us character and confidence, telling us there is nothing to be afraid of.

Fathers learn to make those late night fluffy omelettes for us when all the cooking they know is how to boil water and poach an egg.

When coaxed, fathers belt out a ditty in their rich baritone, making such wonderful music that will stay with us for our life.

Fathers, as the real Superman of our lives, stand between us and all our fears - rational or irrational - of heights and darkness, of inner demons and outer villains.

When alive, Fathers are our pillar of strength and sustenance - emotional, physical, psychological.

When retired to that place beyond, fathers are our guiding light and the lucky star who we can wish upon and seek light from each time we hit a low!!!

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