Tuesday, June 20, 2017

There is this one other person you must trust your life with!

We have been told, all along our growing up and grown-up years, that we must trust two people the most in our lives; much more than our parents, our children and our spouse. They are the family doctor and your legal counsel. 

They both must know everything about your life, your lifestyle, your secrets, your clandestine rendezvous, your excesses and at times even your abstinence; for them to be able to help you have a smooth ride on life’s highway.

The other person to be placed on the same plank of trust and reverence just has to be your hairdresser. 

As you close your eyes and entrust your crowning glory unto him, you must have faith that he will never be careless, disinterested or otherwise engaged to snip the glory off your crown – billowing or receding, black, white or grey, straight or curly, long or short. That he will pool in all his years of experience to give an independent identity to your hair and the style it embodies.

You must have a mutual admiration society going on with him so much that he teases and cuts, snips and coiffeurs your mane in such a manner as to frame your face in the most suited manner. That, with just a few rapid strokes, he makes you look younger, thinner, prettier in real time much more than Photoshop would virtually.

And once you find such a superstar, never ever lose him. 

You can still replace that doctor or the lawyer!!!

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