Friday, June 30, 2017

Lessons to be learnt from elsewhere in our World!

A friend recently asked on Facebook - "Share any ideas or practices you admire abroad and wonder why we don't follow the same in India as well... ? This could be in any sphere..."

Here are a few from the top of my head and from the zone I am in right now -

1. Pick up poop after their pet child. 

2. Segregate garbage at home. 

3. Keep even surrounding areas clean 

4. Have a 911 and one that works. 

5. Have para medics and performing para medics 

6. Have museums, libraries and other public places with clean bathrooms, devoid of mostly any stench. And women don't have to hold their needs for the whole day or drive to a Five Star to use a clean facility.

7. Are far more women friendly - even for single travellers - than we can ever dream to be. 

8. A million times faster Net speed. 

9. Variety of produce - even if it is just cereals or flavoured cheese - is just mind-boggling 

10. You don't have to be a millionnaire to get a private pool installed at your place. Even something like BB&B or an IKEA will help you self-install one.

11. Those lovely flower boxes outside every window across Switzerland, France and Germany....

12. Lower taxes

13. More Government accountability

14. Roads, hospitals and other public conveniences of a certain standard that we completely lack.

15. No overflowing public trash places.

16. Less contaminated water and foods.

17. Have a police force that works

18. Have cleaner, beautified public places, yes even that little patch of green or the corner Cafe

19. Dignity of Labour

What are your inputs?

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