Monday, June 05, 2017

The Cuckoo song sung this Afternoon!

There was a duet being sung, up the Fir Tree this afternoon.

First I felt there was just one crooner singing aloud her Noon song. But then, a set of lovely sounds seemed to be coming from close quarters.

I looked hard to find a Cuckoo couple sitting on two parallel branches, attempting to compose their love ditty.

One, presumably the male Bird, kept trying to keep himself camouflaged and hidden from my gaze. The female Cuckoo bird was more responsive to me and would, now and then, stop her singing to throw a look or two at me.

I requested her to show me her face. I urged her, "Please baby, let me see you." And I kid you not, she moved a little, showed me her face, looked at me with her red-rimmed eyes and went back to giving out her cuckoo call!

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