Thursday, June 29, 2017

Our Santorinian Island in the heart of a Tropic City!

Situated in the mostly hot and sultry Delhi, the sizzling Capital City of India, our little home island of white and blue attempts to offset some of the heat with its Grecian white exterior blended with the cool, calmness of the Santorinian Blue.

The idea is to be a balm for the eyes and the soul.

To soothe! To create serenity! To offer a soft, reassuring sensory touch!

We shine in our twin hues
of spartan white and lush blues,
We are enveloped in the bliss of green
every twig and that dangling leaf 
sparkle in the Sun's sheen,
We offer solace to the passing eye
and bring a smile to all those who go by,
The birds home in, the peacocks and squirrels too
It's a sanctuary of peace and love
This, our house, in shades of white and blue!

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